MAN D92 BlueFlame

3 years agoBenjamin Bus 2 6,562

Credits: utku96 New AI Bus in the game. Man D92 Blue Skin for Omni Bus Simulator(OMSI)

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Omsi Bus Mercedes Benz O345

3 years agoBenjamin Bus 118,042

Credits: by utku96 New Mercedes Benz Conecto 0345 1st generation bus mod for Omni Bus Simulator(OMSI)

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Omsi Bus Mercedes Benz o405

3 years agoBenjamin Bus 3 19,090

Credits: by hakaness Omsi Bus Simulator Mercedes Benz New Chasis O405 from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s was produced in the Mercedes Benz factory in Mannheim, Germany.

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Omsi Bus Man EN 90

3 years agoThomas Bus 19,263

Credits: Delta757 MAN NL202 BVG Edition. Compared to the original MAN NL202 has a back door demand, improved IBIS and repaint and new sounds.

Solaris Urbino 10 Bus Mod

3 years agoThomas Bus 112,629

Credit- PrzemekPL Another model solaris his ten-time version.

Credit :Tatiana000 Very successful model Solaris Urbino 15

Credit : SerGGG,Dmitri,driver37RUS LiAZ 5256 to OMSI.

Omsi Bus Setra S 215 SL

3 years agoThomas Bus 19,686

Credit : Tobias W Very interesting bus Setra

Karosa B732

3 years agoThomas Bus 0 »6,305

Credit:RedGunn City bus Karosa contains version B731 bush Br732 bush and B732 with a sign. Do not forget to download the hotfix that fixes a bug repaint DPO in sound engine brake.

Credit:marty515 intercity bus Karosa C954E.1360.