City Car Driving 1.5.0 Buick Regal City car mod

Credit(s):MiXXeR, Abu7med

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Gaz 66 Truck Spintires Mod

Tested! 2 weeks agoBenjamin Spin Tires 2014 0 »45

Game Version: 03.03.16 How to Install: Download the Mod file. Extract RAR Files and Change the folders Game shortcuts > Open File Location > Media

Credit(s):The original envelope in the game: Roma corporal. Addons kung, box, board and board-tent: Max Dmitriev. Textures: msergt, Max Dmitriev, OOVEE.

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BGA, Chopped Straw, Small Village, Slurry and Manure mod. Little Village Map for Farming Simulator 15.

Credit(s):ModMens, Tautvis

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BGA, PDA, 2 Farm, Cows, Sheep, Chopeed Straw, Liquid Manure mod. Konigs Weg Farm Map for Farming Simulator 15.

Tested on Version: 1.2 Kenworth W900 Trucks for Brooklyn Nets Skin mod.


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Tested on Version: 1.2 All Trucks for Michelin Rims mod.


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Sawmill, PDA, Mud.  Bolusowo Farm Map for Farming Simulator 2015.


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ETS 2 Version :  1.23 Truck purchased from RENAULT, 4×2 chassis, 390 HP engine, Optidrive R transmission, 1200 liter fuel tank and little tuning. Renault Magnum Truck mod.

Credit(s):SheryO, D9DbKO, Kasalap

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ETS 2 Version :  1.23 All Trucks for Michelin V8K Wheels mod.

Credit(s):V8K-Blaine, BartvHam, KAMAZ, Maxim Ognevenko

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ETS 2 Version :  1.23 Truck purchased from VOLVO, chassis(4×2, 6×4, 8×4), 400 HP engine, Kamaz 154-5 speed gears, 800 liter fuel tank and large tuning. Kamaz 54-64-65 Truck mod.

Credit(s):Koral, _69_mf_

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