2014 Ram Hd Series V1.0 FS19

2014 Ram HD Series V1.0 mod for FS19.

The 2014 Ram series is the new and improved version of the previous Ford 2020 F-Series In terms of detail! This puppy packs loads of options in detail and two of the biggest being 82Studio inspired detachable beds As well as a removable and adjustable fifth wheel! David kindly let me use his bale bed that was pulled directly from the TLX as it just needed a little bit of altering in order to connect correctly to the cab.

The truck itself is located in the cars category and starts as a chassis truck and a handful of options throughout the cab like Bug attached to the hood and grill guards for the front bumper. Stepsides and mudflaps also make an appearance along with a handful of other options to pick and choose.

The Beds are all bought under the Misc category in the trailer tab, not the tractor. The Stock bed has the most options to create a great-looking farm truck with bed covers, a toolbox, some bed wips, and even a new topper. The only downside to the stock bed is it contains the only error so far found in the mod not caused by a mod conflict, and that is an overlap node error, but that is due to the topper door and bed cover being connected to the same animation. The tailgate is mouse-controlled and ready for all your farm use needs.

The flatbeds don’t have near as many options, but none the less is one that to my knowledge has not been used in the game yet, and still looks great on this truck! Both the flatbeds and regular beds share this option but a new bumper hitch has also been added with just a 5/8th drop pin so enough of hauling those header trailers with a ball hitch for crying out loud.

Mrboomnastic ,Blueweb, LMS, Cody Owens, 82Studio

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