Add-on to The Map Moscow 2.0 V2.2.5 Omsi 2

Mod adds new routes 559, 592, 673, 994, М10к. Routes 656, 799 were reworked. Route 270 was removed.

Installation method: It is mandatory to have an installed map of Moscow 2.0 Northern District, then transfer the folders from the archive to the root folder of OMSI 2, agreeing to replace the files, after deleting the old version of the map Moscow North 2 from the Maps folder .
Testing was conducted on stimovsky version 2.3.004.
Transfer the Ansagen folder to the Sound folder of the bus, and also for the autonomous informant to work, add the hof file from the archive to the folder with the bus. Run the map without buses.

063: M. “Seligerskaya” – Lobnenskaya st.
092: Platf. Mosselmash – M. Bibirevo
114: Bazovskaya – M. “Petr-Razumovskaya”
149: MCD “Degunino” – Korovino
167: M. “Verkhniye Likhobory” – platform. Lianozovo
170: M. “Upper Likhobory” – Art. Beskudnikovo
179: M. “Seligerskaya” – platform. Lianozovo
191: M. “Seligerskaya” – Platform Grachevskaya
194: Korovino – M.P.-Razumovskaya “
206: M.” Seligerskaya “- Lobnenskaya street
215: M.P.-Razumovskaya” – Platform Grachevskaya
559: M. Khovrino – M. Altufyevo – M. Khovrino
592: M. Bibirevo – Sevvodstroy settlement – M. Bibirevo
656: M. “Seligerskaya” – Businovo
665: Platform Grachevskaya – Lobnenskaya st.
672: M. “Seligerskaya” – Korovino
673: M. Khovrino – ZhK Na Bazovskaya – M. Khovrino
677: M. “Petr-Razumovskaya” – platform. Lianozovo
748: art. Beskudnikovo – Platform Grachevskaya
799: Businovo – platform. Lianozovo
994: MP-Razumovskaya “- Sevvodstroy settlement – MP-Razumovskaya”
M10K: M. “Verkhniye Likhobory” – Lobnenskaya st. (the night route starts from the 7th bus depot and follows without stops to Lobnenskaya st. From Lobnenskaya st. to M. “Verkhniye Likhobory” with all stops along the way. In the morning and evening rush hours, departure from M. “Verkhniye Likhobory” to Lobnenskaya st. with all stops along the way. From Lobnenskaya st. goes to the 7th bus depot without stops)

Alexander Kot

File Detail:2.3 GB / ZIP
Add-on to The Map Moscow 2.0 V2.2.5 Omsi 2 Download File
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