Agro map Romania

This map is my first project and I hope you enjoy my work 4 months!
Are initially lasted so long but I think that went well against other beginners because I did not hurry!
Map is multyfruit potatoes, sugar beets, green wheat, sunflower, cow manure also has solid
BGA, weed on fields, variations of relief.
This map has no traffic so you have to go alone to sell milk for milk machine will not come.
This map is a edit of C.L.M map low version
Any changes and post the map on the Internet is strictly prohibited without my permission in advance!

original map-darius_s,piki
editing by worldfarmer
silo cows-schneider
hall tractors-shneider
Ad firm entry-schneider
multyfruit program by piki
bga scripts-Heady
bga control-Wagenheber & Webalizer
manure mod-Koper
milk mod-Wizznall
weed mod-Headshot XXL
compas for steereable-Decker



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