American Long Haul – 1974 Dodge Bighorn

1974 Dodge Bighorn truck for American Long Haul.

copy or move the 1974dodgebighorn_alh.scs file to your 18 WoS American Long Haul mod folder.

Add this line to your truck_storage.sii file.
@include “definition/bighorn.sii”

Smarty – the original creator of this model.
Turtool (me) – for the conversion from PTTM to ALH, also some small repairs to the cab.

Please, do not upload this file or package anywhere. If you modify this model or any parts from this model & host it on the internet without giving proper credit, you will be placed on a blacklist as a thief.

Thank you for taking the time to read this readme, enjoy your new truck 🙂

Smarty - Original mesh creator Turtool - Conversion from PTTM to ALH + some small cab & texture fixes

American Long Haul – 1974 Dodge Bighorn Download File
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