American Truck Simulator

Scs Software has announced another thing which let their users to smile; they are going to release another game named American Truck Simulator! This time Scs Software users are going to drive in the roads of United States. According to the screenshots shared in the official blog, Mr Pavel said that they are currently working on a new game named American Truck Simulator. And as much as we understand from these screenshots it seems like it is going to be one of the best games of the simulation game history.

Many of their users recommend some ideas for the development of the game in the official blog of the company. We are here to share the most highlighted recommendations. Almost all of the users agree that if the game will work hardly on very high performance computers, they are not willing to buy the game, they do not expect a very highly detailed graphics, they are okay to have decent one to have the best performance.

They say that they do not get enough joy if all of the roads are smooth, they except some pits, bumps, muddy roads to deal with. They also want to drive in the nature, they want a lot of uphill roads to go and then drive downhill, and they want to see more rivers and more trees. They want the artificial intelligence, they think that vehicles should not come directly to them and when the road is busy they except to see the artificial intelligence to drive back or make some crosses between the vehicles to go on their way.

They want some physical damage, maybe a little bit. They want to deal with some technical failures such as oil leak, engine temperature failure. For example when driving in the night the left headlight may break down, it would make the game much more fun. They also absolutely want variability in the weather according to the season and according to the altitude they are in they want to see a change in the temperature. And the last thing is they want a new feature such as Gran Tourismo has. They want to have a driving training in the beginning of the game.

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