American Wilds – Introducing The Chevrolet Bison

American Wilds is a new DLC coming to Spintires: MudRunner Fall, 2018! This large DLC will introduce brand new content to the game, including several new vehicles, two new maps and a whole new location – The United States of America!

Today, we’re very excited to be talking to you about the Chevrolet Bison 1979!

Spintires: MudRunner – American Wilds releases on October 23rd on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and comes to Nintendo Switch on Nintendo 27th!

Vehicle Description:
A speedy truck on road, The Bison is a reliable vehicle able to get your loads where they need to be, and not troubled by inclines or tough roads.

Game Stats:
Without all-wheel drive, the Bison is not at home off-road. It can take a mighty 600 points of damage, and has a large fuel tank able to carry 330L of fuel, so it will last any trip you need it to along tough roads.

One of the more powerful vehicles in American Wilds, there’s little that can stand in the Chevy Bison’s way.

Without access to the loader attachment, the Chevrolet Bison is at the mercy of vehicles able to load it. It will need a support team to be able to complete maps. Additionally, without AWD, the Bison isn’t suitable for off-roading.

Flatbed Semi-trailer: Can carry vehicles
Fuel cistern – Contains 1400 liters of Fuel
Fuel Semi-Trailer – Contains 4200 liters of Fuel
Fuel Trailer – Contains 1800 liters of Fuel
Log Carriage – Can carry Short Logs
Log Cart Hitch – Allows the attachment of a Long Log Cart
Long Log Cart – Can carry Long Logs
Medium Log Trailer – Can carry Medium Logs
Trailer Hitch – Players can attach trailers to their trucks
Utility Attachment – Contains 600 Repair Points, and 2 Garage Points
Utility Semi-Trailer – Contains 1200 Repair Points, and 4 Garage Points

Spintires: MudRunner – American Wilds comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One October 23rd, and in November on Nintendo Switch, and will be available as DLC for Spintires: MudRunner, as well as in the Spintires: MudRunner – American Wilds Edition, which contains the base game, and all DLC.

Spintires: MudRunner - American Wilds

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