American Wilds Update 27/12/2018

Hello everyone! Today, we’re happy to launch a patch on PC, featuring bug fixes and gameplay improvements. As usual, please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback or ask us any questions you may have with regards to the changes. You can find the full changelist below: Bug fixes Conflict between controller and mouse in fullscreen fixed. Multiple mesh/texture issues corrected (new trucks, houses, addons) Minor fixes to some of the truck attributes (suspension, mass properties) Improvements Behaviour of 4×4 scout vehicles in the mud improved: smaller vehicles are more off-road capable now and more stable in mud Visual improvements to USA maps. Minor improvements to some of the addons (platform with loader is now longer) Some visual improvements: “birch” trees have now brown bark Modifications to new USA maps : additional routes added, and only 1 instead of 2 fuel stations are now available per map, making them more challenging and requiring more strategic thinking. Happy holidays to you all!

The Spintires: MudRunner Team

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