ATS – Currency Pack v 1.1 (1.29.X)

ATS Version: 1.29.x

Give Mod High Priority
!!WARNING!! Will not work with economy mods.
(Might make compatible with economy mods…let me know if you would like me to.)

Version 1.0 had Australian DOLLAR (I listed it as Krona for some reason)

Version 1.1
Updated currency rates and added 15 new currencies which are listed below.
•Brazilian Real
•Belarusian Ruble
•Turkish Lira
•Macedonian Denar
•South Korean Won
•North Korean Won
•New Zealand Dollar
•South African Rand
•Hong Kong Dollar
•Thai Baht
•Malaysian Ringgit
•Philippine Peso
•Indonesian Rupiah
•Taiwan New Dollar
•Egyptian Pound

If there is a currency you would like to see let me know.


ATS – Currency Pack v 1.1 (1.29.X) Download File

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