ATS – Double Trailer V2.0 (1.6.X)

ATS Version: 1.6.x

Here, the new version for double trailer.

After read comments, I modified advancing coupling (tell me if not working), I added new chrome wheel as asked. People with the trailer that doesn’t appear in the game should no longer have a problem since I added a new cargo. Finally, I added the paintings for different companies.

In summary what’s new:

1. New chrome wheel
2. Modified advanced coupling
3. Add paintjob
4. Add new cargo

A final word to Freddy Jimmink. Guy, my mod has been uploaded here, there is not even 24h and you already make a pseudo edit of my mod that you share on your group facebook. Your excuse to do an edit is supposedly the incompatibility of my mod to run without the dlc (which is totally wrong). You’re stupid or what. It’s not with a folder “company” that you added that you will render a mod already compatible. It’s in the game engine only. You’re mostly trying to make yourself interesting. So stop taking people for idiots, it’s guys like you who are nothing else than fucking thief who kills modding and make that a lot of mod are private.

Sn4k3r, RTA

ATS – Double Trailer V2.0 (1.6.X) Download File

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