ATS – Omenman V11.0 English Cargoes (1.28.X)

ATS Version: 1.28.x

This is a simple mod that changes the Russian cargo names to English ones, I thought someone else may like this too. I am not the creator, Omenman is. I just sat down for a while with Google translate for the English.

you need the Omenman V11 trailer pack to use this mod:

ATS – Trailer Pack by Omenman V11.0 (1.28.X)

Also, I fixed the cog_height_offset and converted pmg’s to current version. This is where most of the 22mb is.

Omenman, keep up the good work! and to everyone else, enjoy the English.

Original mod – Omenman / English & cog fix – Chris

ATS – Omenman V11.0 English Cargoes (1.28.X) Download File

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