ATS – Project USA Hard Work Map V1.2 (1.6.X)

ATS Version: 1.6.x

-Changed the credit system (Ready).
-The price of fuel correspond to the real
-Boosted leveling up to level 10
-Reduced the cost of Parking garages and upgrade
-Reduced the amount of recruitment of drivers.
-Modified suspension trucks
-Changed transmission
-Lift 1-2x axles on all trailers
-Reduced price for the delivery, max 5-6K$
-Reduced fines.
-Increased weight of the cargo
-Enclosing no bloom
-Complicated Parking in Arizona
-Small changes in the landscape of roads
-Added Volvo VHL
-Added real logos
Added bumps on the roads in Arizona

Game version:1.6
Map offline. Put it in a Mod folder, plug in Manager mods,create a new profile. To select a module USAHW

TonyHill, Malam

ATS – Project USA Hard Work Map V1.2 (1.6.X) Download File

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