ATS – Real Gas Prices Mod


ATS Version: 1.4

The minimum income is approx. 0.32$/mile for Quickjobs and at least 0.52$/mile for Freightmarket jobs.
AI Drivers will generate minimum 0.20$/mile
New loan system, which will increase your loan limit at every level. (up to 2.000.000$ at level 70)
New fine system, which will increase your fine value at every level.
Experience per level has been increased. Bonuses have been reduced to increase the difficulty.
Real limit for driving and sleeping time.
Fuel discount for garage increased to 20%
Truck refund value is set to 75% of it’s value.
Complete rebalance of trailers (all trailers except box/curtain/reefer will be unlocked with skills)
You will have to make Quickjobs until level 8. At level 8 you can loan up to 20.000$ (read more)
Canadian dollar and Mexican peso have been added. (real currency using
Parking bonus set to 20XP for Easy, 30XP for Medium and 50XP for Hard.
Police frequency has been reduced.


ATS – Real Gas Prices Mod Download File

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