Beef Farm v2

With the greatest respect, Beef Farm was an excellent map but there a few things missing that lots of members kept asking for in the forum, namely a way to fill seeders, store grain etc.

I have simply added those elements which now makes Beef Farm even more enjoyable than the first.

– Added silos for grain storage.
– Added Silage Pit Commodity where you can SELL your grass and   silage instead of simply just feeding the cows.
– Added a seed stack for filling your seeders.

In the original Beef Farm, it was difficult to get Combines across the stream/river, particularly my favourite, Knagsted’s IH 2388. I have widened slightly the bridge and made it more accessible to get combines through fields to the other side. This will save machines having to do a ‘Knight Rider’ jump across the river.

A few more personal cosmetic changes to the terrain but nothing drastic, tha map is still the brilliant Beef Map kindly done by Massey8220 a few weeks ago.

NOTE: There is a video made my Massey8220 in the link to the left which will still point you to the areas of the farm where items are located, please watch it. Everything else can be found quite easily as its such a small map, hence also there is no added PDA map, noone needs a map of such a small area.

Credits: Beef Farm by Massey8220
Farm Building – Modteam
yard objects – deutz fahr uk & MF6160
Models – Sandgroper
British hay/straw shed – Farmerl
start Map – pfreek


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