Big River X16 Map V0.0.0.1 Beta FS22

Big River x16 Map V0.0.0.1 Beta mod for FS22.

Just wait the loadingscreen stuck at 65%! Just wait the loadingscreen is stuck at 65% it just takes a little bit!
Basic framework in terms of roads and terrain is from WildWestx16 from LS19, roads textures are new and yes I’m not happy with them yet either :/ otherwise the build is completely new except for the port which is in the same place.
Please note it is the BETA version! I’m modding completely alone therefore it takes a bit until new versions are released(currently I’ve worked 3 weeks almost daily hours on it > . <)! Currently does not go on optics for now my focus is to create a working map if that all fits it goes on with decorations.
And PLEASE tell me bugs,visual bugs etc with a 16 tray map it’s hard to look at everything.
98 fields from 0.9-670 acres
Large farm area with adjacent flat area to expand the farm!
Road lanterns with no collision! (Autodrive and courseplay friendly)
Pigs, sheep and chickens obstructed at the farm. The cowshed is tucked away a bit from the farm(the reason for this is the feeding robot so there is not always something in the way)
-Water can be taken from the lake

-5 large construction areas
-Large BGA with 3 large silos
-2 gas stations
-3 lime stations
-10 sales points (+2 stone sales points)
-11 Productions(the area where the buildings are located are yours once you buy a factory)
-Lime sellable(in the modhub there is a mod to make lime from stones)
-Fertilizer/Seed sellable(there is a mod for seed and fertilizer production from FedAction)
-Mixed ration/fodder sellable
-Grass/hay/straw/silage can be sold as bales or with a trailer!
-Growth made faster for those playing without Seasons
-large 16mio multisilo

Idee / Konzept: S1m4lTester: S1m4lSonstige: Cazz64

Big River X16 Map V0.0.0.1 Beta FS22 Download File
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