BMW i8 – 1.3.3

BMW i8 - 1.3.3

City Car Driving Simulator BMW i8 – 1.3.3 car  mod

BMW i8 - 1.3.3 2

Game Version : City Car Driving Simulator Version 1.3.3

Download Link  :  39  MB

BMW i8 – 1.3.3 Download File

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  1. Stefano says:

    I installed a PURCHASED CityCarDriving last release (1.3.3) and downloaded your BMW I8 mod, but the game unusually crash; always.

    I note in the trouble message (…D:\Transporter\Tools\CEGUIscr\RenderModules\Direct3D9\CEGUIDirect3D9Texture.cpp…etc..) that the resource invoked are not “absolute” but the mod (BMW I8) refers to file paths NOT on my PC, but may be on some your development machines…

    How can I solve this problem ??
    (I provided off course to properly modify data\config\player_cars.xml file so to have BMW-mod-code at bottom of file, just before LAST tag)

    Must I pay to play this BMW I8 mod ???
    Thanks for your reply.

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