Category: American Truck Simulator


ATS – Mack Superliner Truck (1.35.x)

Mack Superliner Truck mod for ATS1.35.x. – Autonomous– Kenworth Dealer– Interior– Two cabins– A lot of tuning– Smoke– Wheels– Sounds– Make up– Metallic– DLC Cabin Accessories support– Animation of mudguards,brake pedals,clutch and gas– Over...


ATS – Custom Utility 3000R Trailer V18.08.19 (1.35.x)

Custom Utility 3000R Trailer V18.08.19 mod for ATS1.35.x. Description:– AO Baked;– Independent cargos;– Ownable;– Accessories. Cargos:– Home Accessories;– Household Appliances;– Canned Foods;– Furniture;– Cheese;– Clothes;– Dried Fruit;– Ice Cream;– Dry Milk;– Fertilizer;– Fireworks;– Frozen...