Category: FS19 Trucks


FS19 – Betailleres V1

Betailleres V1 mod for FS19.Hello everyone, here are two concrete truck concept that I realized on the basis of the fs19 game mods! I am the original author of these mods! these betalliere can...


FS19 – Scania R730 Hkl

Scania R730 Hkl mod for FS19.Moin moin love community,This mod may be offered on other sites to DL, with original download link!Today I present you the Scania HKL with all the trimmings.The trailer is...


FS19 – Dodge D250 V1

Dodge D250 V1 mod for FS19. Here’s another reupload with modifications. I messed with:– Exhaust smoke– Suspension (to make is more “real”)– Maybe more but the prior 2 are the big ones… DID NOT...