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FS15 – Yanova Valley Map V2.0 Final

Yanova Valley Map mod for FS15. The big, very beautiful Russian map – Janova valley hardcore v 2.0 Final Based on real terrain Farm for machinery, animals and crops Washing 12 large-sized fields Village...


FS15 – Rock & River Wood Map V1.1

Rock & River Wood Map mod for FS15. v1.1 -added displays for all factory using fabrikscript, so you can see fill level of your products -fixed charcoal factory error “palletplacenotfree” after load your savegame...


FS15 – Wunstorf Map V1.0

Wunstorf Map mod for FS15. A very beautifully printed map, ideal for foresters, farmers and livestock keepers. Unfortunately 3 bugs, which I can not fix in time, the map should actually be released last...