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FS2015 – Zorzi old Trailer V1 Beta

Price €20.500, Req. Power 150 HP, capacity 50.000 liters, Fruit Types : wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarBeet, silage, woodChips. Washable, Ability to move the front wall with the left mouse button, Rusty Texture, Dynamic Plane, Unloading Particle...

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FS2015 – Fliegl TMK Trailers Pack V1.0

I have CONVERTED the Fs13 for Fs15 tHE Fliegl_TMK_benoit_TrailerS_PACK,Fliegl_TMK_cedric_TrailerS_PACK, Fliegl_TMK_franki_TrailerS_PACK. They all hold 100000 Liters. The price of each is $15,000.00. To make it easier for others to Purchase and enjoy the game. They...

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FS2015 – Lely Tygo Pr70 Fix

Fiil Types : grass, grass windrow, chaff, wheat windrow, barley windrow, wheat, barley, silage 34.000 liters capacity, working width 4.0 meters, price €60.000, Dirt / washable Lely Tygo Pr70 Fix for Farming Simulator 15.