Category: Omsi 2 – Bus Mods


Omsi 2 – Iveco Crossway LE

Iveco Crossway LE mod for Omsi 2. Your attention is IVECO Crossway LE. These modifications include: -Iveco Crossway LE SB -Iveco Crossway LE To install, you need to: Transfer the Iveco_Release file to the...


Omsi 2 – ZiU-682G 016.02 Bus Mod

ZiU-682G 016.02 mod for Omsi 2. Trolleybus ZiU-682G 016.02 (Trolza) In the Anzeigen folder there are MUs for the trolleybus. Several repaintings, two choices of steering wheels, all compartments and hatches open. Gearbox: Automatic


Omsi 2 – VDL-NefAZ 52997-10 2.05

VDL-NefAZ 52997-10 2.05 mod for Omsi 2. Already completed VDL-NefAZ. The original was 2014, but disgusting. In this model there are 2 types of add. tuning, which are activated when you click on the photos on the...


Omsi 2 – Neoplan N4020

Neoplan N4020 mod for Omsi 2. Qualitative 15 meter bus from NEOPLAN with CAT from ZF. Fixed the passcode and removed the German characters. Installation: first install the bus itself. Then install the patch. Gearbox : Automatic...