Category: Omsi 2 – Bus Mods


Omsi 2 – Neobus Thunder

Neobus Thunder mod for Omsi 2. Good Brazilian minibus. The light works, the doors open, the board works. There is a collective farm and in addition there are buns that we used to see on the...


Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz O405N 1.1

Mercedes-Benz O405N 1.1 mod for Omsi2. Mercedes-Benz O405NІ is one of the first successful low-floor buses. These versions are built on the body of the Spanish company Hispano Carrocera with the designation “VV II”, identical...


Omsi 2 – Tartu TA-6 1.01

Tartu TA-6 1.01 mod for Omsi 2. TA-6 (1981) The Soviet small high-floor bus, mass-produced in the USSR at the TARZ plant in Tartu (Estonia). After the cessation of production of TA-6, the plant no...