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Omsi 2 – Maz 206.068 V1.0

Maz 206.068 V1.0 mod for Omsi 2. What has been done:Salon The interior is completely baked ✅ New caps✅ The body is baked ✅ New fonts for the EMUи Curtains in the cockpit and toner✅ The...


Omsi 2 – Hyundai County V1.0

Hyundai County bus mod for Omsi 2. Hyundai County is a small bus occupying a niche between minibuses and medium-sized buses. Designed in South Korea by Hyundai Motor Company. Since April 2010, the bus has been...


Omsi 2 – Scania Touring Bus Mod

Scania Touring mod for Omsi 2. I present to you the Scania Touring intercity bus. The model is of average quality. There are various repaints. Specifications: Motor: Scania DC 13 115 410 Max. Speed: 100...


Omsi 2 – ZiU-6205-Lublin Bus Mod

ZiU-6205-Lublin Bus mod for Omsi 2. ZiU-6205-Lublin is a fictional modification of the trolley bus, which, allegedly, is operated in the city of Lublin. Features:– Added emu– New mask– Changed textures– Slightly changed sounds–...