Category: Omsi 2 Mods


Omsi 2 – ZAZ A10L50 Bus Mod

ZAZ A10L50 Bus Mod mod for Omsi 2. The model has a manual transmission, with autocoupling, therefore, work on versions older than 1.04 is not guaranteed. The model does not have full compatibility with...


Omsi 2 – Busscar El Buss 340

Busscar El Buss 340 mod for Omsi 2. Good enough for a Brazilian intercity bus. Light-works, people sit down, the doors open, the board-works.There is a baking dish. Good sounds. There is a small farm. Of the...


Omsi 2 – Schelkovo 2018 Map

Schelkovo 2018 Map mod for Omsi 2. Modified version of the map, laid out earlier. Sewed update from April 2018. Problem 5 FPS resolved. Updated presets. Installation is standard – unzip the contents of the folder...


Omsi 2 – SweetFX

SweetFX for Omsi 2. The mod on the schedule, replaces the default on the beautiful graphics, according to the FPS, it does not eat. There are two screenshots in the morning and in the afternoon,...