Category: SpinTires


SpinTires – Hour Map V1

Hour map V1 mod for Spintires. – The garage is open; – 3 files; – 4 cars (replaceable); – Sawing and the point. Sketched for two hours (from boredom). Do not criticize strongly.


SpinTires – Gear Lever V1.1

Gear Lever mod for Spintires. Description: The mod replaces the standard gearbox in the game. It looks very beautiful and very convenient to use. Installation: 1. Make a copy of and to...


SpinTires – Zilok Map V1

Zilok Map V1 mod for Spintires. On the map: – 1 lumbering; – 2 sawmills; – 1 refueling. ATTENTION! ZIL is registered on the card, it cannot be changed, since you will not be...