Category: SpinTires


SpinTires – John Deere Mod v1.0

John Deere v1.0 mod for Spintires. Forestry equipment, combines the functions of logging and logging. Mod Features – John_Deere has 3 of its add-ons. Tire tracks! When installing together with the mod, add-ons, wheels...


SpinTires – On The Hour Map v1.0

On the Hour Map v1.0 mod for Spintires. A shallow map, dirt at least, but the roads pass along the slopes. The default feels great on the map, the ups, of course, do not...


SpinTires – Ponsse Buffalo v1.1

Ponsse Buffalo v1.1 mod for Spintires. Mod Features – Ponsse Buffalo has 5 of its add-ons, 3 of its own trailer and 3 standard trailer. Version 1.1 for SpinTires (v03.03.16): Ponsse buffalo Fixed loading...


SpinTires – Uaz 31514 70 Region v1.2

Uaz 31514 70 Region v1.2 mod for Spintires. Converted for myself from MudRunner! I took the mod as a basis. Works in multiplayer. Changes: changed tires, add-ons, texture, twisted the suspension, tire marks! Version...


SpinTires – Sikhote-Alin Map v1.0.0

Sikhote-Alin Map v1.0.0 mod for Spintires. My respect for off-road lovers. I’m sharing one of my works with you, I couldn’t finish it for a very long time (probably more than six months), then...