Category: SpinTires


SpinTires – Uaz-3153 v1.0.0

UAZ-3153 Mod v1.0.0 mod for Spintires. Models were taken from the game Oas 4×4. I wanted to make a trophy, but decided to make him a full-fledged mod with shipping, repair parts, fuel and...


SpinTires – Maz-7310RS "Elbrus" Truck v1.0.0

MAZ-7310RS “Elbrus” Truck v1.0.0 mod for Spintires. Envelope mod from Spintires: MudRunner. MAZ-7310RS “Elbrus” is a multifunctional mod that has everything you need in your arsenal to successfully complete any map. The mod has...


SpinTires – ZAZ-968 M Car v1.0.0

ZAZ-968 M car v1.0.0 mod for Spintires. The default ZAZ envelope from Spintires: MudRunner with some modifications, in my opinion, excellent and necessary, especially with a hangover (so that there was less fume in...


SpinTires – Jeep CJ-5 1976 Renegade v1.0.0

Jeep CJ-5 1976 Renegade v1.0.0 mod for Spintires. 1976 Renegade Jeep CJ-5 Envelope from Spintires: MudRunner. Description from the author of the mod: Renegade is not a traitor. Rather, a double agent, skillfully disguised...