Caterpillar Ct660 Ets2 Rta ETS2 1.42.x

Caterpillar CT660 ETS2 RTA mod for ETS2 1.42.x.

Caterpillar CT660 from RTA-MODS.

For ETS2 version: 1.41.x and up.

Has its own tuning kit. Registered in companies.
1 cab and 2 chassis for 1800 liters.
It is bought in the dealer of modifications – “CAT”.
Support for advanced coupling and cable animation.
Unfortunately there is no window animation!?

Recent changes:
Personal camera support.
Fixed the windshield inside the interior.
Added a new lighting format for the truck.
Improved truck lighting in the near and far distance.
Removed the defect from the sun’s rays that were reflected on the front mirrors.
Added 21 types of engine sounds in FMOD format, including 10 professional sounds.
This is a full adaptation of the mod for the new versions of ETS2 1.41.+ and higher

Thelog was cleaned from errors by 99.9% (percent)

Tested on ETS2 version:

Author: RTA-MODS. 3D file convert: MaxX_AGENT. Convert from ATS to ETS2: MaxX_AGENT. FMOD sounds: Kriechbaum, CyrusTheVirus, SerialBlack [PRO Sounds FMOD].

Caterpillar Ct660 Ets2 Rta ETS2 1.42.x Download File
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  1. John says:

    This truck was obviously tested on Why do you state that it’s for 1.42? The mod seems to be compatible with 1.42 but the game crashes when the truck appears.

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