City Car Driving 1.5.2 – Citroen C2 VTR Almost Finished Beta Car Mod


Corrected the physics

Corrected the suspension

Added interior

Added custom sound by Fulloyunmod from the Kia Forte Koup

Speed is correct

Added extra wheels from the Citroen C4 VTR by Trafim

Fixed the handling

Fixed the shaking body

Works reasonably well in DX9 and DX11 it already compatible

Adjusted the mirrors correctly

Made the menu screenshot pictures

Removed the steering wheel from the model for player car use then animated the steering wheel

Removed the windscreen wipers from the interior model for animating

Lot of testing to make sure everything works

Added more texture so it can work as a player car also editing N2 and a few bits to the 3D model

And whole lot more

Added Interior Signals

Added Mirrors

Added top middle brake light along with the left and right brake light

Fixing the N2 and Textures and a few bits to the 3D model

And others things that may needed doing

No Working windscreen wipers

No raindrops on the glass

No speedometer or tachometer

Fix the annoying texture on the drivers seat

No working interior headlight signal

Small gaps in the interior

Once all the bugs are fixed the actual version will be released

Better quality textures the models good enough though only the textures need improving

Add light maps

Fix small gaps in the interior

4 Wheel extras

White stripes down the middle (if you don’t what i mean see this

Stanced wheels

Aftermarket exhausts with twin or single

Low profile tires

Tuned version

citroen_c2_vtr_02 citroen_c2_vtr_03 citroen_c2_vtr_04

File Details:RAR / 27 MB
City Car Driving 1.5.2 – Citroen C2 VTR Almost Finished Beta Car Mod Download File

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