Dairy_Air_v1.2 (DLC 2)

This is the Origianl Map, With a much better look, Standard crops Plus Weeds mod and Modified Manure,Great views and better fields, New Sell points for crops..ect and a GardenCentre with all you need for putting DLC Greenhouses…ect. Map has standard crops only.You must have DLC 2 at least, For the BGA. New Grass and Silage Clamps. New Grain Silos.

There’s New Sell Points to off load your grain, The New Mill or Container Yard, Raiffeisen Nord you can also sell Bales here and buy seeds for sowing, And FKGrains There’s also a BGA & Manure Gas plant for selling manure you can also sell unwanted Grass at the GardenCentre.And if you like you can take the milk to the Dairy and sell it, or wait for the milk truck to collect it.

There’s also a small farm at the back of the Map with all you need, feed grass & Chaff to the young calfs, You can also get L-Manure from the pipe at front of cattleshed Crop hights and times changed, Standard fruits 75mins, Grass 60mins, Weeds 15mins.

(Mixer/Shredder) – Triggers: Giants and cadaver
(manure pipe:) Axel_of_Swedenmodel: me..Discoade
(Pigs) -by marjas31
(Sheep) – by Maxter




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