Demolish & Build Company 17

Polish PlayWay announced that one of their simulation games will be released before the Gamescom. The company already launched two different games with the name of Construction Machines Simulator and they will be releasing a new simulation game on the same topic again with the name of Demolish & Build Company 17. Company announced that the release date will be around the October 2016 but now shared any video about the game yet. As you can understand from its name there will be a company system in the game. You will be the owner of a construction and build company and you will have plenty of tasks from building small huts to great concentre building. The game designed as a sandbox and you will be able to buy / sell lands in order to make profit. You can also build building on these lands before you sell them so that you can maximize your profits. In addition to these you will be able to buy lands which have ruined building on them to demolish. You will be able to hire or buy new building machines and customize them for specific tasks. One of the main features is you will be able to use many different tools. The game looks very promising for the future and it already attracted the attention of those who are willing to experience these types of things. What do you think about this game? Do you think that it will be worth to purchase and play? Let us know by leaving a comment to us. Game release date: 9.2016
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