Descriptions Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2013

After the incredible success of Farming Simulator 2011 game festival Giant Software GamesCom team to remain silent about the next game of the series Farming Simulator 2013 Farming Simulator 2012 or so comments about the reputation perçinlemişti APPEARANCE. Software by giving a precise date in the Giants game today officials started a long time before the construction of shared knowledge in some game sites. Between April and September as a definite period (September-April 2012) explaining the game to launch the game officials will be also shared information about what’s new in the.

Deutz Fahr Fendt and New Holland brands, and was appointed as the game explains the new authorities also Pöttinger Krone, Horsch, Mine, Gilibert, Lemko and vehicle equipment, such as the Amazon is a very content with the game zenginleştireceklerini markalarındanda açıkladı.Rüzgar energy systems and solar systems and biogas tanks to the game is integrated. In addition, straw and hay may be fed the animals. Pig and cow farming simulator 2013 as a Form of greenhouse tomato fruit as a replacement almıştır.Yeni Kullandıklarınıda reported in the New Fruit That our species Tomato Farming Simulator 2013:)

Descriptions Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2013 Download File

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19 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    I hope that there will be sheep, pigs, beef and dairy cows. i also hope that they will hav calves. it would be pretty cool if you could milk the cows as well.

  2. Benji76 says:

    Bonjour sa serai bien si on pouvais choisir ou on veut construire notre ferme, que l’on place les batiment ou on veut, le materiel que l’on veut….

  3. johnnfunk says:

    were can you buy it

  4. franclk ctrre says:

    bonjour on peut lacheter kan ?

  5. le Doubiste says:

    moi je dit que ca serait bien si ils imaginerai une cuma et le village soit plus vivant (exemple : les ouvriers vivent au village et viennent le matin a la ferme ) apres je sais qu il y a beaucoup de requette mais je pense qu en integrant plus de marque et de choix de matériel il y aurait plus de joueur

  6. le Doubiste says:

    je pense aussi que les parties multijoueur c est bien mais qu on puisse jouer a 2 sur le meme ordi ca srait peut etre exellent (ca ferait decouvrir le jeu a d autre personne ) j espere aussi qu ils amelioreront la map car les montagnes ver la pleine ( bof )

  7. Kevin says:

    It would be nice to have more then one map all ready downloaded for thouse of use who can,t seem to download them and nice big dairy farm witch tall silos and big dairy barns,be able to feed ,milk,Like in the US.up state NY,lots of fields big ,cows, pigs,Just check out some farms over here and give us more maps to choes from you al doneing a good job mod,s are great .I CANT MAKE THAT STUFF BUT LIKE PLAYING THE GAMES.

  8. mari says:

    szeretném letölteni a 2013

  9. Alex farms 242 says:

    i hope that you have to transport animals to market and feed the cows bales

  10. xerion28 says:

    bonjour vous pouver me dire quand le jeux sera finit et en vente

  11. xerion28 says:

    bonjour pouvez mettre la marque de tracteur claas

  12. xerion28 says:

    bonjour pouvez mettre la marque reunault,fendt et vous pouvez metre un xerion et claas et un axos svp

  13. xerion28 says:

    bonjour ca serais cool qu il sort assez rapidement svp

  14. mf3120 says:

    you can tell its fake look closely front left wheel does tht give any clues

  15. Everett says:

    so when does it come out and where can I get it

  16. mathieu says:

    bonjour sa serai bien de mettre plus de vivant comme pouvoir mettre de la musique quand on est dans le tracteur merci davance

  17. timothy says:

    i hope there is bigger silos and bigger biogas pits

  18. lucas says:

    espero que la conduccion sea mas realista. que las maquinarias tengan embreague y cajas de cambios como en realidad.

  19. Кирилл says:

    Где можно скачать игру подскажите пожалуйста

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