Dynamic Field Prices V1.0.2.0 FS22

Dynamic Field Prices V1.0.2.0 mod for FS22.

Makes Field prices more interesting. It might make sense to look out for good deals instead of always buying the closest land.

- Older Changes are irrelevant because of new display style
- v1.0.1.0
* Changed price difference diplay to be more streamlined and work better with modmaps
* Thanks to BetterContracts for the inspiration
- v1.0.1.1
* Added compatibility for BetterContracts
* Displays and price factors are merged
* Discounts are multiplicative (-10% DFP, -10% BC -> -19%)
- v1.0.1.2
* Fixed GUI bugs
- v1.0.2.0
* All settings can now be adjusted via the ingame menu
* Some values are now saved differently in the xml. Old savegames are automatically converted.
* PL, BR, PT Translations

Some NPCs are more greedy than others and their economic situation changes over time influencing the prices as well.
An extra 10% is added when buying or selling a field. This will strongly limit field flipping.
Prices change once per day. The difference to the base price in percent is shown when buying land.

For more detailed information check out the project on github. (Google FS22_DynamicFieldPrices)


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