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According to the news published on the official blog Scania has just started to the audio recordings of the busses which they will be in the game. SCS Software addressed that they are going to model the vehicles in a highly detailed way and it seems like they pick the Euro Coach Simulator first to start to do this.

The audio recording team is also looks like they tired a lot; I guess it is soon to see a lot of news about the Euro Coach Simulator. Everything will be according to reality from the voices of the cargo doors to air clutch doors and engine keypads. You should make yourself ready for a very detailed simulation.

How much we know about the Scania Touring?

Vehicle length is about 12 meters

Scania has a engine with 400 HP EURO 5

It has a 12 speed gearbox which has opt cruise

Assistant cameras which they help driver to see lot more than usual

Xenon headlights

It is equipped with a passenger capacity of fifty one people

Also air conditioning, kitchen units and audio-visual equipments adds comfort to the comfort of the passengers.

Also the game’s bus terminals are revealed. The bus terminals of the Euro Coach Simulator -Which is the most talked simulation game of the last days- seized on the internet and many people had a chance to take a look at them before the game released. Do you wonder how they are? SCS Software added bus station models in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game map editor. Our editor noticed them on the internet and took the screenshots of them to show them to you.

You are going to find the possible bus station designs in the following. SCS Software is preparing this game with the ETS 2 infrastructure. The game will be the bus version of the ETS 2. But of course it will be much more different. We did not see and play and kind of this game for a long time and in fact it makes us wonder it more than ETS 2 did. Hope, the game will be released soon.


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