Electro Pack V1.0 FS22

Electro Pack V1.0 mod for FS22.

Made (almost) every vehicle electric

all fuel consumption changed to roughly match HP to KW conversion

battery size set to consumption * 5 should be a good balance between realistic and usable

all prices given ~5% price boost to compensate for lack of fuel costs

removed all exaust particles

changed all engine sounds to electric version

removed all backup beeps as well as I personally dislike them

I havent tested all of the vehicles as there are 116 of them so fixes will come out as i playtest

big thanks to Eco mod pack by Louminia for inspiration and for making a better mod than me I just applyed the changes Louminia did for thier mod to every vehicle

I had to cut some corneres to make sure I didn’t go insane but it should be playable for now!

Tecknokittybased on Louminia's Eco Pack

Electro Pack V1.0 FS22 Download File
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