ETS 2 – Dumb Traffic Behaviour V1.4 (1.30.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.30.x

Version: 1.4

Ai vehicles overtaking on single and double line roads made possible.

Recommended to use along with Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat, But Dumb Traffic Behaviour mod
should be on higher priority.

Dumb Traffic Behaviour by GAARAA shows the realistic behaviour of different driver types,
there are good, normal and bad (a few of them)…
Please maintain good space between vehicles ahead of you and drive carefully specially
trucks and busses, as they tend to follow a defensive driving routine. They will just not step
on the foot pedal but, will manoeuvre through challenging roads, turns and curves.
Skilled driving required if behind a truck or a bus when travelling across a hill.
Plan your journey well, as to avoid dense day traffic.
The few bad ones do not follow the no-overtake traffic rule anymore, so be attentive and don’t
take anything for granted.

Might have to wait for the traffic to clear up if there’s an accident otherwise save and
reload.(have to give-up something to be crazy realistic)

This mod provides the traffic with its unique personality and its no more a fixed traffic


ETS 2 – Dumb Traffic Behaviour V1.4 (1.30.X) Download File
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