ETS 2 – Improved Truck Physics Mod V1.1


ETS 2 Version :1.22

  • Changed driver body movement physics.
  • Decreased responistivity of truck. Increased air and wheel rotation resistance. Higher chance to tip over during high speed maneuvers;
  • Decreased brake effectiviness. Brakes now have more realistic warm up/cool down rates and proper max. temp;
  • Tweaked cabin movement behavior to be more responsive to truck maneuvers. Adjusted cabin weight to realistic value, redefined pitch and roll angles, damping and springing forces;
  • Changed suspension travel value and damping factor. Suspension is softer now;
  • Decreased clutch viscosity;
  • Decreased tire material friction and increased tires deformation parameters. Tires now have less friction with road and more prone to slipping.

Credits: AlexeyP

ETS 2 – Improved Truck Physics Mod V1.1 Download File

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