ETS 2 – Klaas Economy Mod


ETS2 Version: 1.25

The minimum income is approx. 0.60€/km for Quickjobs and at least 1.00€/km for Freightmarket jobs.
Truck wear & tear damage has been reduced.
Due to low income, fuel economy and truck damage are very important and you should maintain them as low as possible. A single accident can cause you big problems.
AI Drivers will generate minimum 150€/day. (income will increase with AI skills)
New fines system, fines will increase at every level. (up to level 70)
New loan system, which will increase your loan limit at every level. (up to 2.000.000€)
Truck refund value set to 75%
Experience for each level has been increased.


Price of a small garage is 100.000€
Ferry prices have been adjusted.
Price of a big garage is 180.000€


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