This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

ETS 2 – Man TGX Tuning Mod


Version 2 Changes:

Chassis lowered suspension spelled out separately and selected tuning.
Arrows devices made lighter.
Navigator Lexand increased slightly.
Hind wings in two variants: plastic in the body color.
Reduced the greenish glass.

Accessories Added:

Side curtain.
Factory visor with an inscription.
DVR: screen to configure through F4 “front mirror” (two installation point, and if put, it is necessary to remove the front mirror, because it will be displayed incorrectly)
Leather trim on the rear wall (put out)
Blankets, pillows, sleeping bag in.

SCS, knox_xss, Matthias, ton

ETS 2 – Man TGX Tuning Mod Download File

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  1. Frank says:

    Why does this crash my game all the time?

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