ETS 2 – Mitsubishi Fuso SuperGreat V Beta1.0 (1.28.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.28.x

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Fuso is one of the daimler groups company manufactures trucks&buses for Japan and Asian countries.

Super Great V is heavy duty trucks supplies for Japanese Domestic Markets.

This mod have realistic interiors, animations, exterior chrome customization, Engine/Transmission/Chassis combinations and few real sounds.

-Auxiliary Brake Simulation (ETS2 1.28 new function)
AMT equipped 4steps auxiliary brake.
Jake Brake + Shift-down Brake.
or Jake Brake + Retarder.

–Speedometer problem
Many of JDM Cars speedometer shows higher meter speeds than actual speeds by annoying manufacture`s original setting.
SuperGreat V also shows about 90km/h when actual 85km/h.

Koutsu, Inonaka, dorobuta

ETS 2 – Mitsubishi Fuso SuperGreat V Beta1.0 (1.28.X) Download File

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