ETS 2 – Peterbilt 389 Modified Truck V2.1 (1.27.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.27.x

Truck purchase gallery Iveco

Peterbilt 389 Modified Autonomous, prescribed in the orders of the agencies. Sold to a/s Iveco.
Great tuner:
– 4 variant of the cab,
different options chassis
– different engine variants and gearbox,
different variants of interior
– GPS(enabled by the “U”)
different versions of the spoilers, bumpers, kenguryatnik, headlights, etc.
Templates for skins, all cab options, you can download from the link “Google Drive”

– All models converted to the new format
– Fixed the animation panel
– Fixed modern dashboard (the spaces around the speedometer and tachometer)
– Added adjustment of the steering wheel (like internal versions)
– Fixed old internal steering wheel turn 900 degrees (1020 degrees)
– Added weight terminal (in both versions)
– Added a new animation to the interior of the modern interior: switches, light sensor, battery gauge, trailer brake pressure gauge, oil temperature. Pressure gauge, turbo pressure gauge, pressure gauge, suspension, differential temp. Sensor, emergency lights, switch differential lock (with indicator light), switch the axis of crosslinking (with the indicator).
– Added a new animation to the interior of the old interior: light switches, high beam and signal light is now located on the handle of the turn signal (up / down), switch differential lock,
Old inner part: changed retardery stick on brake pad of the trailer
– Replaced the sound of the CAT engine new, made Kriechbaum.

Prescribed under ETS 2 vladimir1203 construction: Ivan (Haulin) import ATS/GTS and building: Kenworth58(2) import GTS: Iljaxas Parts for tuning : Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier Sound: Kriechbaum Envelope in the ETS 2: "dmitry68", "Stas556" Modified : maxx2504, ED101, V2obert, viper2

ETS 2 – Peterbilt 389 Modified Truck V2.1 (1.27.X) Download File

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