ETS 2 – RC Rebuilding Europe Map V4.1 (1.27.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.27.x

RCMAP 4.x does not need the Viva La France DLC, however it requires DLC North Scandinavian Edition to work properly.
Proven comparability with the Eldorado map and informed to the RBR.

Let’s list of issues:
* Calais: South Coast;
* Calais: Construtora OAS;
* Calais: Mit Log;
* Calais: Oil dock company;
* Calais: Cootravale (Cooperativa RC);
* Calais: TransFavaro;
* Paris: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Paris: distribution center RedeTop;
* Reims: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Dijon: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Bern: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Geneve: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Salzburg: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Strasburg: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Torino: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Venezia: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Venezia: Construtora OAS;
* Verona: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Verona: Mit Log;
* Oslo: Mit Log;
* Rostock: Mit Log;
* Praha: Mit Log;
* Klagenfurt: Lwart;
* Duisburg: Petrobras;
* Added new loads to the game.

Company folders to create new loads:
def/company/galpao_1 = Mit Log / Calais
def/company/galpao_2 = TransFavaro / Calais
def/company/galpao_3 = Cootravale / Calais
def/company/galpao_4 = Mit Log / Verona
def/company/galpao_7 = Mit Log / Rostock
def/company/galpao_10 = Mit Log / Praha
def/company/galpao_13 = Mit Log / Oslo
def/company/lwart_eu = Lwart
def/company/pt_atlantic_eu = Posto Atlantic
def/company/ref_petro_eu = Petrobras
def/company/cd_redtop_eu = CD Rede Top
def/company/construto_eu = OAS Construtora
def/company/d_atlanti_eu = Distribuidora de Combustível Atlantic
def/company/dc_petrol_eu = Companhia de Docas de Petróleo
def/company/ext_madei_eu = Extração de Madeira


ETS 2 – RC Rebuilding Europe Map V4.1 (1.27.X) Download File

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