ETS 2 – Reshade V3


ETS2 Version: 1.25

Changes V3:

Added in-game GUI and tutorial.
Added preset file loading and saving.
Added support for loading multiple effect files.
Added support for blocking game input when the GUI is focused.
Added platform information to initial version log entry.
Added “mousebutton” source for uniform variables.
Added theoretical support for the mouse wheel and additional mouse buttons.
Added “ClearRenderTargets” pass state.
Added support for unicode filesystem paths throughout ReShade.
Added configuration file to save commen settings.
Added “SetCursorPos” hook to allow free cursor movement when inside GUI for games using it.
Added support for “#pragma once” in shader files.
Added support for modifier keys to GUI and screenshot key shortcuts.
Added various GUI related uniform variable annotations.
Added performance mode which converts all uniform variables to constants.
Added parser error when encountering more than one statement in a switch case body.
Added parser syntax error when encountering an initializer on a variable with semantic.
Added warning message on implicit vector truncation in function calls.
Added deprecation warning for type tokens on annotations.
Added error message if D3DCompiler is not installed.
Added support for mouse buttons to toggle techniques.
Added customizable option to display FPS on screen at all times.
Added thread synchronization to window message handling.

Credit(s):, Crosire, Deepy

ETS 2 – Reshade V3 Download File

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