ETS 2 – Scania Addon Mod (1.28.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.27.x and 1.28.x

1-Led (3 Option: White-Red-Orange)
2-Bumper (Low Bumper Plastic-Low Colored-Normal Plastic-Normal Colored)
3-Spoiler (Scs Spoiler-MegaMod Spoiler-Rjl Spoiler)
4-Foil (Foil Lower-Foil Alt Upper)
5-Sun Visor (Rjl Sun Visor)
7-Glas Right Left Crying girl
8-Spoiler skirt (Plastic-Colored)
9-Yan Etek (Normal-Colored-Plastic V8-Colored-Plastic
10-Fender (incision-colored-Plastic colored-Renkli Fender-Plastic Fender
11-Back skirt (Plastic-Colored)
12-Side Chrome
13-Pearl (White-Brown-Black-Grey)

Berkay Pekesen , Erdem Kuzey

ETS 2 – Scania Addon Mod (1.28.X) Download File

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