ETS 2 – Signs for Truck 1.28.12

ETS2 Version: 1.26

Added front sign “Fissile”.
Changed texture for a sign TIR, No TIR, T.I.R. and No T.I.R.
Several bug fixes on mod
Correction sii file.
Correction text file.

Installation of signs on trucks. The mode is represented by over 224
signs marking trucks.

Signs: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / E / E (yellow) / EEV / G / H / H (yellow) / IV
/ L / S / U / III / V / VI / R (yellow) / TIR / No TIR / T.I.R. / No
T.I.R. And many others. These signs are located at the front of the
truck cabin.

E = (Environment) or white letter “U” (Umwelt), denoting vehicle with
a Euro-1 engine.

EEV = Enhanced environmentally friendly vehicle (emission category
between V and VI) is a term used in the European emission standards
for the definition of a “clean vehicle” _ 3.5 tonne in the category M2
and M3. The standard lies between the levels of Euro V and Euro VI.

G = denoting Gerauscharm Fahrzeug (ie noiseless/quiet vehicle): German
version of the Austrian “L” plate for use only on diesel vehicles
meeting German low-noise requirements – similar to those for Austria
as above.

L = denoting Larmarm Fahrzeug (ie low noise vehicle): Austrian version
of the symbol for quiet diesel vehicle which are:
– small and medium-sized lorries of no more than 150KW producing noise
levels no greater than 78dB.
– heavy lorries exceeding 150KW with noise levels no greater than

S = (Sicher/safe) denoting a vehicle with a Euro-2 engine and safety


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