ETS 2 Where is the Truck Galleries ?


You can buy branded trucks in the cities mentioned going to the gallery below, and you can turn the truck gallery ..

Scania Galleries: Milan, Strasbourg, Gdarisk, Hannover, from Dres, MANCHESTER, Lille
Renault Galleries: Felixstowe, Paris, Dusseldorf, Prague, Rostock, Lyon, Budapest
Volvo Galleries: London, Luxembourg, Osnabrück, Nuremberg, Wroclaw, Verona
Daf Galleries: Zurich, Salzburg, Leipzig, Bremen, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Cardiff,
Mercedes-Benz Galleries: Newcastle, Rotterdam, Szczecin, Warsow, Bratislava, Stuttgrad, Genova
Man Galleries: Bern, Munich, Krakow, Berlin, Calais, Dortmund, Edinburgh, Birmingham
Iveco Galleries: Grimbsy, Turin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Vienna, Hamburg

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