ETS2 – Air Horn Pack (1.35.x)

Air Horn Pack mod for ETS2 1.35.x.

Hello, my mod I present to you changes the default air horn and regular horn to a longer, realistic horn found from youtube, then extended to a ten-second long clip.

But what does it specifically change? This changes the horn sounds from the horn accessory you can get from truck service, and the stock horn that comes with a truck. The following horns come from these horn sounds

Note: EVERY SOUND IS 10 SECONDS OR LONGER. Seamless looping with no annoying clicks in between.
– Thunder Airhorn: FIAMM TA150-180 (mix) [FUN FACT: Common Horn on the Mercedes Benz Actros and MAN TGX]
– Screamer: Hadley H00859 Set (19 & 22 Inch horn) [FUN FACT: SCS Software used this horn to record the original screamer, but my mod extended it to a ten-second long sound]
– Tone: (unknown name, came from a DAF XF 105)
– Roar: Hadley 868 [FUN FACT: Commonly Found as a mounted air horn in Ireland]
– Stock Horn in Trucks: FIAMM Jericho [FUN FACT: Mostly used in main countries in Europe and the UK for almost every truck manufacturer. A basic and popular horn]


File Detail:1.7 MB / RAR
ETS2 – Air Horn Pack (1.35.x) Download File
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