ETS2 – Easy Modding (1.39.x)

Easy Modding mod for ETS2 1.39.x.

Changelog v 02.12.20
For Everyone:
- Added the Freightliner Cascadia 2019 in the Company Logo mod.
For Modders:
- Added support for viewing .sui files in the SCS specific file viewer.

Changelog v01.10.20
- Added the Western Star in the Company Logo mod.

Changelog v24.08.20
- Corrected the Money+XP mod for ATS;
- The UI, Money + XP mods will now get data directly from the game files.
- Some mods should be more compatible with future releases of the games.
When a new version of a game is released, repack a mod to see if it will be
compatible with the new version of the game.
- Corrected the 'Compatible with' version in the mod information.

- Corrected the Grain Hopper Company Logo Mod;

Changelog 1.35.2
- Corrected a bug in the New Profile Money XP Mod
- If you modify source files they will now be loaded.
- Added the Krone trailers to the Company Logo mod.
- Added an option to use metallic paint or not on the owned trailers in the Company Logo mod.

made a couple of programs to accelerate making mods. Now I would like to present to you: Ben’s Easy Modding (BEM) for Windows. It’s a program that I have created to help almost everyone make mods for ATS & ETS2. It’s totally free and you can use it whether you know very little about making mods or are a modder yourself.

Here are some of the features:

For everyone:
- Create a company logo paint job for all the trucks;
- Add your photo as a driver and modify the drivers’ photos and names;
- Place the route adviser where you want;
- Create a new profile that starts with a custom amount of money at a custom level;
- Copy the settings of a profile to another;
- And MORE!

For modders:
- View the UVs of a model;
- View a 3d model (view images on the model if you want);
- Extract the SCS base files and convert the models;
- Convert image files to and from dds.
- And MORE!


File Detail: 8.8 MB / ZIP
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