ETS2 – Ikarus 250-59 + Passengers (1.39.x)

Ikarus 250-59 + Passengers mod for ETS2 1.39.x.
Changes v02.01.21
update sounds under 1.39
worked out the sound of the bridge. Bridge operation became realistic in load and idling.
work on physics
There are 2 2156 engines in beta version. The D10 engines are still being processed with new samples.
Due to the lack of a 320 hp D10. there is no way to use automatic control of the box. Set “sequential”

Changelog v2020.1.36v2
– A little detail of the body, interior. Texture editing.
– Complete animation processing.
– Added new transmissions.
– Sound correction.
– Redesigned passengers.
– Redesigned physics.
– Fixed spotlight.
– Added new accessories.

– Standalone
– 1 chassis
– engine
– original interior
– Original skins and painting
– Supports DLC Cabin Accessories and DLC Flag
– New realistic physics
– Improved sound
– A lot of interior improvements. Added: GPS Garmin and LCD TV (by Jeyrey-16, knoxx_xss and SISL)

Author: Karen Chakhalyan KanSky
Authors of the update: Snare85 (Zheka Lunev), Kodola Alexander

File Detail:223.2 MB / ZIP
ETS2 – Ikarus 250-59 + Passengers (1.39.x) Download File
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