ETS2 – Multiple Trailers In Traffic V4.1 (1.35.x)

Multiple Trailers In Traffic V4.1 mod for ETS2 1.35.x.

Where it came from:
Someone anonymous did one for earlier versions of both games but it didn’t get updated after an SCS update.
It was credited to Jazzycat but although it used his truck models it never appeared on his web site,
so I assume his participation was without his knowledge. This one is based on what the original did,
but only uses SCS models, has been kept more or less up to date and has had extra bits added to it.

What it does:
Adds drawbar double and B-Double trailers in ETS2 traffic

What you get:
– Drawbar and B-double versions of the SCS box vans, curtainsiders, insulated trailers and reefers;
drawbar double Profiliners using the v1.31 model (so you don’t need the Krone DLC).
Now with added cement mixers in traffic and cargo. The mis-spelling of “concrete” is deliberate,
to avoid clasing with the (disabled) SCS cargo.
– With the Baltic DLC Addon: paint jobs from the DLC’s new companies for the SCS doubles and B-doubles;
so-called “HCT” trailers (trailer-dolly-trailer combinations like unto the North American turnpike double)
in Finland, South America, North Africa and those bits of the former Soviet Union that aren’t now in the EU.

The .7z file contains the .scs files for ETS2 and the Baltic DLC Addon. If you don’t have the Baltic DLC, ignore the latter.

Paint jobs are the standard-issue SCS ones plus a handful of home-made ones.
Real companies mods should replace the SCS skins with their own, though the Scania one
from the ProMods TCP fell off the ends of the short trailers last time I looked.
The mod has improved sounds and truck colours, courtesy of the inestimable cipinho of this parish,
who also pointed me in the right direction over the traffic rules which make the whole thing work.

Where we are now:
New Version 4.1 for Ets2 v1.35 Updated for compatibility with ProMods v2.41.

SCS have added double truck and trailer types in v1.35 but appear to have added the former
to the traffic rules and traffic lane def files in a somewhat haphazard way.
It’s simpler than it was, but still horrible. The new-fangled trailer_chains appear to work
in the same way as the old “attachable_trailer” wossname, at least in this mod.

Known issues:
– Some trailers can arrive before their wheels do. If you get this, open your config.cfg file in a text editor and change:
uset g_lod_factor_traffic “1”
uset g_lod_factor_traffic “5”

– The rear HCT trailers in the Baltic DLC Addon have a disembodied number plate hovering above
them, but it’s either that or an invisible dolly (see picture above) and I know which I prefer.
I’ve reported both the plate and the invisibility as bugs…
– The HCT trailers are a Total Rubbish at tight junctions. Making the axles on the rear trailers steerable might
have helped but they’re refusing to negotiate junctions when I’m there to watch chiz.
– NOT compatible out of the box with cipinho’s Real Traffic Density and Ratio mod.

See the description text files in the mod for the countries/regions in which the trailers appear,
and how to make them appear everywhere if that’s what you want.

Future Developments:
Still hoping that SCS implements multiple trailers properly, but I suspect they, er, won’t.

This is a “bare-bones” mod and you are actively encouraged to take it apart to
see how it works and put your own trucks and trailers in it.

Mr Larrington

File Detail: 15.2 MB / 7Z
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