ETS2 – [Official] Momo’S Physics 7 Full (1.34.x)

[Official] Momo’S Physics 7 Full mod for ETS2 1.34.x.

This is the full version of Physics 7 Mini (previously uploaded).
This full version increases the cabin weight from 650 kg (vanilla and the mini version) to 1,000 kg to fully simulate truck cabin behavior. So the cabin movement is more obvious in this full version. Other than that this full version has every other value the same as its mini version. For more information please refer to the mini version.

– 1.34 and 1.33
– All SCS trucks released until now (including the new MAN)
– This mod includes its own unique air seat. But if you don’t like this seat, you can use any of my Air Ride mods with this mod by placing the Air Ride mod higher than this mod.

– It works with reduced effects in modded trucks, if you want your modded trucks to enjoy the full effect, you have to add your modded truck into this mod by yourself. See how to do it in the page of the mini version or my facebook page. I am not going to add modded trucks for you because there are too many good modded trucks out there, but I don’t care to use them, and I don’t want to waste my time.
Help yourself, I already tell you how to do.

I am a lazy modder. I have spent days and weeks testing my mods, packing and uploading. All that takes huge amount of time. I do that because I just want to enjoy ETS2 better, and just want to share the joy to other people. I don’t intend to make money out of it, and through the years of modding I have been given only around 30 Euro, so it’s not worth my years of effort. But I appreciate every cent donated. My point of saying is that I don’t want to spend more time than necessary for things that don’t benefit me. And If you know me, you know that I am a modder who is specialized in Physics mods through the years. And all of my physics mods are trustworthy. Why don’t you do a video for me?

Yes you can, and be my guest. But please give me some credits on your posts. You can either learn from my mods to adapt to your own, or reupload it as it is, either way, please give me some credits for my hard work.


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ETS2 – [Official] Momo’S Physics 7 Full (1.34.x) Download File
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